Not the Decent Hard Working Guy

November 15, 2016

Sitting in the pub smiling,talking, living.

Aware of the next table, of being glared at,

by those that say they know you, never having met; 

but you know someone told them this and crap.

 What are they saying; they cant say that!

Don’t you go and correct them, sit down,

don’t go giving them my pain; laying it bare like a carcass bleeding, 

let them think what they think,

 let them imagine my stink, my crime,

 my dishonour, my mystique. 

For I’m just The Cunt with a cunt

 with poor excuses,

 not the decent hard working guy.

Expose the truth, leave it out in the air, 


baked bare in the bright moonlight,forever seen unseen; they will still call it lie.

Why? Because I’m just a Cunt with a cunt, not a hard working guy 

that’s why.
Today I bent and kissed my Granddaughter

 goodbye at the gates of learning

 and I whispered, be a good girl; as the sound was leaving my lips

 I wanted to grab them and shove them back down my throat, swallowing hard so that I’ll never say them again.
Digesting all the injustice,

 the pain the anger, 

the shock the disapointment 

the shame, the disgust the hate,

 the distrust the paranoia the fear, the anger, the lies, the saddness 

the anger the fear the confusion. The confusion.
Better to be a Cunt with a cunt 

than the eternal Good Girl, bending so hard 

that the spine permenantly cracks

 and the pages, sliding fall out; 

he wanted me to burn my pages.

 Burn all those Daddys little girl t-shirts; 

burn tradition, 

destroy the Big day, say no to that guy.
Smile and be polite, its in their eyes even if they dont say it. Don’t explain; your truth isn’t meant for their gossip,

even though they desire it. 

be the Cunt with a cunt, they wont like it;

they dont understand it.

They want it; 

ownership of your story, to tell it their way, 

the guy’s way.
Superglue your tearducts and vasaline that smile.

Fix the spine.

Rearrange the pages, set the title, tell the story,

living, talking,being the Cunt with a cunt

with the angry eye, with the knowing look


Smiling the Good Girl smile, they don’t believe it;

 the good girl smile, but then you don’t either.

 Your the Cunt with a cunt not the decent hardworking guy.


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