Sir Terry Pratchett

March 12, 2015

Some Lights Shine So Bright That When Put Out There Is No Darkness. There is gloom though and sadness especially for his family and friends to whom I can only send my sympathies. Terry Pratchett’s presence has transcended his books, as did his humanity, his morals and his sense of justice. The world is a poorer place without him, but thanks to his books we will never be without him. I have his books that I have lent to my children and will eventually read to my Granddaughter and the ripples will go on.

My first Disc World novel was Weird Sisters it got me hooked, but it wasn’t until I read Captain Vimes angry thoughts, as he patrolled the streets of the Disc World in his cardboard lined boots; of how the poor ended up paying more because of their never-ending need to replace their ‘cheap’ boots than the rich, who could afford one expensive pair that would last a lifetime, how angry Vimes was at the injustice of it all. For the first time ever I think in my reading experience, was possibly a writer who had walked in my cardboard lined boots, well maybe not mine as I’m only a size seven, but you know what I mean; if he hadn’t walked in them he at least understood.

I made it my mission to read all his books and I was never disappointed in the invention, the history, the philosophy, the humour and the heart held within the text. I have admired other authors obviously but the thing that endeared him to me was his passion to do good. Also the fact that he was prepared to reveal his own humanity and frailty in his last few years. It feels strange to be grieving for a man who I never met, maybe it’s because I’ve imagined myself in many roles on the Disc World and it felt like he knew me.


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