Internet Shopping, Sorry I Meant Dating!

October 25, 2013

I’ve decided that Internet dating is not for me, it may be because that I’m rather grumpy, too selfish and set in my ways as my Mum pointed out, or that for me Internet dating remind’s me far too much of shopping (Horrible Super Market shopping not book shopping) and do you know something just maybe I’m a bit of a romantic deep down in the secret part of me I like to hide (except to the ten or so of you that read this blog). Shopping? I hear you exclaim, well let me explain…

You walk into a Super Market and the shelves are full of products you might want, not just different products but different brands of the same products. Imagine for a moment that you are in the breakfast cereal aisle (I don’t know why breakfast cereal, just bear with me) and imagine you are looking at the range of packaging, forget the contents just look at the range of shiny packaging, I wonder do you bother to read the list of ingredients? Maybe just the main ones like rice or wheat whilst ignoring the iron content. Or do you only check the ingredients if you like the look of the packaging.

Internet dating especially sites like Plenty of Fish seem to me to be just about the packaging, You browse through the photos and if you see any packaging you like (I mean it’s the same basic product with a variety of brands) you check the ingredients, but of course the products that you are viewing are also viewing you as a product, so the list of ingredients is also a list of requirements as to what ingredients they are looking for and if the product you are looking at is male then nine times out of ten the listed requirements refer directly to your packaging and not your actual ingredients!

There we all are lined up with our best packages showing, all shiny waiting for viewers to click on us and make their judgements. Do they message us because of our packaging or ingredients, or both I suppose we will never know, we can only really know how we use those sites ourselves. But have you ever met someone in real life whose packaging may not have been that impressive but then got to know them so well that eventually they seemed like the most impressive and shiniest person you’d ever met? How likely if we are honest with ourselves are we to find that amazing person in the Super Markets of romance where the packaging is just there to advertise and entice rather than reflect reality. I mean has anyone ever wondered what on earth a tiger has to do with Frosties?


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