Twitter is a bit like that

April 24, 2013

One day I was walking to work in the rain and a car pulled up beside me, the window opened and a man who I had never met leaned forward and offered me a lift, which I declined. He frowned at me and I was expecting some insult or telling off as I had received in the past from motorists insulted by refusals. However this man looked hard at me and then apologised. ” I’m so sorry, I drive past you every day and because I see you everyday I think I know you and therefore of course you must know me. But that’s silly I drive past in a car you don’t notice me, you’ve never seen me before”. With that he smiled, apologised again and drove off. It seems to me that twitter is a bit like that, we see each other day and make friendships, make assumptions and we even care about each other, but in reality we are going past in our protective vehicles and don’t clearly see each other than as glimpses in the rear view mirror.


One comment

  1. It’s a mad changing World. 30 odd years ago I had a CB radio when the craze kicked off. You’d spend a morning talking to a complete stranger then go off and meet them. Yet in the CyberWorld – I’ve known & chatted to folk for ten years and meeting up is probably the last thing on our minds!

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