November 14, 2012

happiness is one of those relative terms, it is normally fleeting yet we seem to expect that feeling at all times and if we don’t feel happy we say we are unhappy. But what is unhappiness. One thing people do is confuse it with being depressed and depressed is something very different. Depression is a deep dark hole that engulfs and suffocates. J K Rowlings Dementors offer up the best description of depression I have ever read. Unhappiness has levels very much like this pain chart.

ImageJust replace the word pain with Unhappiness. So whether you are unhappy at work or in an unhappy marriage or any other aspect of your life you can find your place on the chart. Imagine number 1 as you’ve just missed your train and number 10 as you are being violently abused by your partner, maybe this could help bring your unhappiness into perspective. Also at any time you can move up or down the scale. But of course many people stick at say number 4 because to change their level of unhappiness is too scarey, for example you are unhappy in your marriage but if you did something to change it although you might dream of achieving number 0 you might end up in number 9! I remember my Mum once hated her job it made her very unhappy and eventually she found a new one, two weeks later she was back in her old job and never moaned about it again, well not never. The people in her new work place had made her smoke outside and she hated it. There must be an odd comfort in living at the level of unhappiness that you can live with apparently, after all we all know a professional moaner who wouldn’t recognise a number 0 if it smacked them in the face. People who have experienced number 10 generally don’t have the option of remaining in that state for long, that kind of unhappiness is destructive and debilitating akin to and precursor of depression.

So I ask you this how unhappy are you? Can you change this? Do you want or need to? Or are you closer to 0 than you think?


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