Pink lego, Alien and bloody Twilight

January 5, 2012

On twitter of late there has been a lot of discussion on pink toys for girls and the latest atrocity brought to my attention is pink Lego for girls, it is such a shame that things haven’t moved on in the world in considering gender stereotyping as with equality . As a girl growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s Lego was a toy I dreamed of playing with, I longed to have my own, my brothers was locked up in his wooden toy box and the only opportunity I ever had to get my hands on it was to be nice to him. Of course he didn’t have a Cindy doll or a pram or the other girly toys that I had free access too, but then after I systematically pulled them apart to find out how they blinked, how their hair was attached and how  their legs stayed on he didn’t really want them. But not only did I long for the same toys as the boys but I longed for female heroes. I was an avid fan of Charlies Angels and Wonder Woman but let’s be honest they were the pink version of a female hero. I prefered  The Bionic Woman who  seemed more ordinary yet she was still the romantic interest to the Six Million Dollar man and his adventures were more exciting than hers . In retrospect I think Wonder Womans sexuality disturbed me at such a young age & let’s be honest that rope wasn’t very exciting. Who else did I love? Cat Woman she was a bit more exciting because she was bad. I was desperate to read about women and girls I felt starved of this as a child and to be honest I can’t see that it has changed much.

However when at about the age of 14 I was stuck  ill at my Dads he had 2 videos and I watched both of these films over and over again the first was the comedy Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe and the second was Alien with Sigourney Weaver, she playing the part of Ripley became the hero that I longed for in a film. I cannot begin to explain to you my shock at Ripley being the lone survivor, not only that but the vanquisher of the evil Alien! A women who didn’t scream or faint or have to be rescued by a man.This was something I had never seen or read before and I loved with every fibre of my being, this film is still my all time favourite.

The disappointing thing is that the film industry never really picked up the Ripley ball and ran with it, women are still the romantic reward, the victim or the plot device. Women might have leading roles but in the main they are in chick flicks and when attempts are made such as the Halle Berry Catwoman film which quite frankly is dire or Tomb Raider the emphasis is on their sexuality/looks etc. Which brings me to the character of Bella in the Twilight Saga, a character and a story that drags back every step forward that Ripley ever made. If you forget the laughable films for a moment and look at the books our heroine (she couldn’t be pinker if she tried) is clumsy, innocent and broken, needing protection from the god like men in her world and all this she gratefully accepts until she herself is remade in his image becoming perfect as wife and mother. PINK PINK PINK Our little girls are being painted pink!


One comment

  1. I never noticed the Ripley thing before (not much of a film person). Good point. And suddenly I’m glad I’ve never seen Twilight!

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